Ep 9: The Premier League Resumes!

June 17, 2020
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June 17, 2020 heshitthebar

After a tumultuous few months we are one day away from the big kick-off, it’s
like Christmas and birthday all rolled into a football gift from the gods!

A summer of Premier League and The Championship… European spots up for grabs, relegation for some and play-offs for others.

In this episode we discuss all of the Premier League fixtures including stand out fixtures;  City v Arsenal, Spurs v Utd and the Merseyside Derby. We also give our predictions for other matches this week.

We also have a new feature! Fantasy Football makes its way back into lives and Caulf has got details on that and our restart league!

We take a quick look back to Bundesliga, La Liga and Coppa Italia action from last weekend.

We have our weekly quiz ‘Who knows their team best’… its JK v Nick this week.

And finally, our left winger slots into our Beer Eleven!

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